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Ignite Your Lips

This is a wonderful preparation for getting ready for a date with your lover. Take a moment to exfoliate and saturate your lips with lip balm. Then, set your timer for 3 minutes and do this mini meditation:  -Make a few subtle humming sounds into the tissue of your lips so that you awaken them [...]

Ignite Your Lips2019-03-06T21:38:40+00:00

Feeling Desirable Meditation

Feeling Desirable Meditation: You will need a timer (I use my ipod for this). 1)  Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely. 2)  Time this part for 5 -10 minutes:  Think of a memory or a made up story of when you have felt [...]

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Embodying the Rapture of Heaven – 3 Meditations

Embodying the Rapture of Heaven - 3 Meditations 1) Relief as a Segue to Pleasure: Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely. Once you are completely relaxed, find the place in your body that is experiencing the most relief from being in this position. [...]

Embodying the Rapture of Heaven – 3 Meditations2014-09-17T18:28:14+00:00

The Ancient Meaning of Virginity

  The Ancient Meaning of Virginity In our culture, our mother, sisters and daughters have been wounded by the concept and definitions of the words- virginity and purity. We have punished ourselves for physical intimacy or invasions for the fear of it robbing ourselves of our inner beauty, innocence, light and love. No one, absolutely [...]

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Tribute to Emily Conrad

My beloved teacher....Emily Conrad   My beloved teacher who taught me how to feel the ocean in my own body.... My beloved teacher who showed me that I could  catch the winds of my breath and sail the seas in my body.  Inhaling the undertow and exhaling the crashing waves until the ocean breathed me. [...]

Tribute to Emily Conrad2014-09-17T18:26:23+00:00

Sexual Invasion – What is it?

What constitutes a sexual invasion? Certainly when someone is sexually assaulted or raped that constitutes an invasion.  But are there times when someone has violated you indirectly that can have just as powerful an impact? Yes, you can be violated even if no one has even touched you. Here are some examples: A creepy look [...]

Sexual Invasion – What is it?2014-09-17T18:26:33+00:00

Meditation On Eros and Creation

Sit or lay down in meditation.  Feel your longing for love from other.  Then, imagine this "other" as your higher self, and its presence is right there with you. Merge with this energy by expressing your longing for it by subtley nuzzling into it with your eyes, nose and lips.   Fully express your heart's longing.  [...]

Meditation On Eros and Creation2014-09-17T18:27:05+00:00


Through a deep connection to the Divine Feminine, my mission is to serve soul evolution and the clearing of karmic patterns that hold us back from the embodiment of our greatest selves and Divinity.

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