Ignite Your Lips

lipsThis is a wonderful preparation for getting ready for a date with your lover. Take a moment to exfoliate and saturate your lips with lip balm. Then, set your timer for 3 minutes and do this mini meditation: 

-Make a few subtle humming sounds into the tissue of your lips so that you awaken them with sensation.

-Then, feel the tingling after-effect. Imagine that you can feel the cells coming alive with life, hydrating and rejuvenating. Feel your lips swelling with sensation, and allow your lips to swell as much as they can.

-Now become aware of the lip balm on your lips and the wet, sensual feeling on your lips.  Feel your lips opening to divine nectar, as if it is dripping down from the heavens, or that you are catching onto your lips the wet nectar dripping down from a flower.

-Now, take a minute to associate this erotic sensation of wetness on your lips with the wetness in your yoni (vagina).  Encourage the pleasurable sensation of swelling and wetness to to grow in both places.

-Continue to keep your lips moisturized and tune into the sensuality you feel in your lips and yoni throughout the day.




Feeling Desirable Meditation

Feeling Desirable Meditation:
You will need a timer (I use my ipod for this).

1)  Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely.

2)  Time this part for 5 -10 minutes:  Think of a memory or a made up story of when you have felt completely desirable and experienced a lover wanting you and taking you into their enthusiastic and passionate embrace and/or kissing and lovemaking.  It should be a thought that doesn’t bring up any complicated feelings.  Feel the effects that that fantasy is having on your body.  Look for every single effect.  You may notice these things: Changes in your breath, your creating of wetness, heat in your lower abdomen, swelling of the lips on your face, and swelling of your feet.

3)  Time this part for 5 -10 minutes:  Now, drop thinking about the fantasy.  Just use your mind to continue feeling and tracking the sensations in your body that you just ignited.  Your concentration on these sensations will amplify them.  Emotionally, keep the feeling of being desirable, but without thinking about the story.  Feel the elated emotions while you are focusing on your body’s sensations.

Now, you have chosen to create the experience of being worthy of desire and have put it in the ethers for manifestation.  The more you do this meditation, the more you are creating this reality.

Embodying the Rapture of Heaven – 3 Meditations

Jillian-2136Embodying the Rapture of Heaven – 3 Meditations

1) Relief as a Segue to Pleasure:
Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely. Once you are completely relaxed, find the place in your body that is experiencing the most relief from being in this position. Savor the relief as a meditation. Focus so completely on the sensation of relief so that your whole body gets fed from the experience.

Relief is the segue to pleasure.  Stay in the relief until it becomes pleasure.  And, when you feel either one, stop time, stop moving and just breathe.  Your experience of it will expand.

2) On the Ocean’s Depths:
Do this meditation sitting with your eyes covered, and make your breath a little audible so it sounds as if you are scuba diving. Imagine that you are deep in the ocean with the sounds of the whole world muffled out, and all you are experiencing is the sound of your breath and your body’s movement of respiration in the water. And when it feels right, imagine that the water surrounding you is pulling out from your body and creating a suction effect that stimulates your inhalations.

The ocean is breathing you into peace.

3) On Sensuality:
As a meditation, feel the sweetness of your heart, and at the same time, feel your lips and your tongue.  And, imagine that your tongue is an extension of your heart and that your lips are swelling, expanding and dripping with drops of honey from your tongue and heart.

Let your words, lips and your tongue experience and express the nectar of your heart.


The Elixir of Life

Once upon a time, there was a woman who was invited to visit with the Queen in her palace. From a place of deep love, and as a gift for her presence, the queen handed her a golden chalice that contained the elixir of life. The queen said, “Use it wisely.” Not knowing what to do with it or how to use it, the woman, in a deep panic, gave half of it to her lover who greedily drank it down. Then, she buried the other half in the basement for fear of it being found.

She never did benefit from the precious offering from the queen.

Like most people, she gave half of it to a greedy or even “vampiric” love object, who only stayed as long as there was enough elixir to drink. The other half still sits buried in the basement, because by hiding her light and her power, she attempted to avoid displeasing or rather more accurately threatening those around her.

We are all born with the gift of the golden chalice containing the elixir of life. The elixir of life is “aliveness.” It is a combination of life force and sexual energy that can be used to restore and rejuvenate every cell in your body. It will connect you to deep self love, joy and pleasure, and provides the power to manifest the dreams in your heart. And, your life force and sexual energy connects you to the god presence within.

What have you decided to do with your Elixir of Life, i.e. with your life force and sexual energy?

How is it that we give it to our love objects? Because, we mistakenly believe that they are the cause of our aliveness, when the truth is, we have always had the wellspring of aliveness within ourselves. And, we have always had the ability to “conjur” the wellspring of aliveness within ourselves. Our thoughts and emotions can create it whenever we want to feel this energy. If, of course, we know how.

And, how is it that we bury the rest in the basement? Because our culture, including our families, have shamed us from generation to generation for being too alive and threatening others. Our bodies, and the sexuality that comes with them, wasn’t always considered bad or shameful. When did aliveness become a shameful thing?

How to not give your Elixir of Life away:

  • Recognize that you are the cause and source of your own arousal – This prevents you from becoming dependent on a love object to feel aroused and alive. As you become aware of what has been conditioned for you around arousal through your childhood woundings and cultural influences, you start to have more choice in what, how, and when you feel arousal.

How to not bury your Elixir of Life in the basement:

  • Stay connected to a pleasurable and joyful emotion of self appreciation and adoration -You can develop sweet feelings about yourself through positive self-attitudes and self talk.
  • Stay connected to places of physical pleasure in your body – Bring your mind’s eye to a place in your pelvis, your feet, or elsewhere, that is naturally tingling with sensations of pleasure.
  • Learn to love your physical pleasure, because you love yourself – Understand that pleasure leads to self love which leads you to a connection to the god presence within. This is your greatest empowerment and is the ultimate use of the elixir of life.



The Ancient Meaning of Virginity



The Ancient Meaning of Virginity

In our culture, our mother, sisters and daughters have been wounded by the concept and definitions of the words- virginity and purity. We have punished ourselves for physical intimacy or invasions for the fear of it robbing ourselves of our inner beauty, innocence, light and love.

No one, absolutely no one can take away our inner beauty, innocence, light and love.  Our inner light, which is absolutely sacred and pure, will always remain untouched and will always remain in its perfection. It was always there, and will always be there, no matter what.

Let us embrace the broader meaning of the word virgin, which is about being whole in oneself and having a bright light within that forever will maintain the purity of its own sacredness and beauty, no matter what happens in the world in relation to touch, sex, love and marriage.

See this excerpt from Nancy Qualls-Corbett”s book, The Sacred Prostitute:

In our modern understanding it is paradoxical to view the goddess (Aphrodite in this case) as virginal when she is identified with passion and many lovers.  But there is not paradox; in Latin virgo means unmarried, while virgo intacta refers to  the lack of sexual experience.  Today, the word “virgin” simply carries the latter meaning.

The virginal attribute of the goddess (Aphrodite) simply means she belongs to no man; rather she belongs to herself.  She is not seen as a counterpart to other gods or as the feminine version of a god.  Although she may be married, her husband is viewed as a consort.  Her wifeliness does not alter her own attributes or lend her special status.  The goddess of love exists in her own right, as “one- in-herself” (11).  She is true to her own nature and instinct. One speaks of a virgin forest, which is free and unconstrained, pregnant with life in accordance with the laws of nature.  It is untrammeled and untouched by man, or, we could say, the laws of man (12).  Likewise, the goddess of love behaved in accordance to her own divine laws of nature, free and unfettered by manmade laws.

11 M. Esther Harding, Woman’s Mysteries: Ancient and Modern, p124
12 See John Layard, The Virgin Archetype


So, once a virgin, always a virgin.

And, may you remember that the bright light within always remains sacred and pure.

And may you always embrace yourself with the fullest of love.

Tribute to Emily Conrad

My beloved teacher….Emily Conrad


My beloved teacher who taught me how to feel the ocean in my own body….

My beloved teacher who showed me that I could  catch the winds of my breath and sail the seas in my body.  Inhaling the undertow and exhaling the crashing waves until the ocean breathed me.

My beloved teacher who showed me how to undulate currents and cascades of water until I knew that the whole universe and the ecstasy of creation existed inside of me.

Your legacy is sacred.

Forever, I will carry you in my heart, and dance with you in the waves of creation.

Always…..always…..always loving you. 



Emily Conrad (June 14, 1934 – April 14, 2014)

Founder of Continuum Movement

Sexual Invasion – What is it?

What constitutes a sexual invasion? Certainly when someone is sexually assaulted or raped that constitutes an invasion.  But are there times when someone has violated you indirectly that can have just as powerful an impact?

Yes, you can be violated even if no one has even touched you.

Here are some examples:

  • A creepy look
  • A creepy tone of voice
  • A creepy feeling when you are with someone
  • An inappropriate text message
  • The use of social media to degrade you

Please note, that when you grow up with sexual invasions, it can have these possible effects:

  • that you don’t identify inappropriate behavior in others (and sometimes in yourself as well)
  • or that when you are in a objectively healthy scenario, you can interpret it as dangerous.
  • or you get really good at identifying inappropriate behavior.

About Sexual Invasion:

Pushing the Invasion Out!

Pushing the Invasion Out!

When a person has been mistreated emotionally, inappropriately touched or attacked, there is an “invasion” to one’s love, innocence, inner child, the physical body and its energy field. The body and its energy field need to and must throw, kick off, shake off and push out these threats and invasions.  If this doesn’t happen at the time of the occurrence, the body and it’s energy field literally just “wait” to have the opportunity to finally kick it off, even if it is 30 years later.

Lion Carrying cub

Re-claiming your inner baby cub

The good new is that you can throw it off, even if it is 30 years later. The perpetrator or threat does not need to be there for you to clear the invasion. How does this happen? We awaken the inner lion or lioness to throw off the “slime” that got into your body and energy field.  When this happens, suddenly your body re-calibrates and your inner child finds its safety and innocence again. Like a baby cub that was successfully protected by its mother lion the whole time, you can come to a place of absolute renewal.

Meditation On Eros and Creation

Photo of white lilySit or lay down in meditation.  Feel your longing for love from other.  Then, imagine this “other” as your higher self, and its presence is right there with you. Merge with this energy by expressing your longing for it by subtley nuzzling into it with your eyes, nose and lips.   Fully express your heart’s longing.  And, fully feel the fulfillment of this mergence. While in the longing, the fulfillment exists.  The sensation is highly erotic, and is the juice of creation.

Longing propells the universe.  It creates a suctioning, a vaccum effect, that invites in its fullfillment and mergence with other (which is also you as your higher self).   This creates the taurus shape (suction and penetration) that is ultimately the energetic map of creation.  And, this movement between longing and fulfillment creates a golden liquid of eros: the erotic juice of creation.