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Primary Office: Osho Leela Meditation Center

1025 Rosewood Ave, Suite 106
Boulder CO 80304



The Osho Leela Meditation Center is in north Boulder.  From central Boulder, go north on Broadway (pass Violet street / 1100 N Broadway) and turn west onto Rosewood (there is a Shell gas station at that intersection).  Follow the road 200 yards and you will see a stone sign on the ground that says 1025 Rosewood.  Park on Rosewood or on the south side of the building.  Suite #106 is on the northeast end of the building.

There is no waiting room, but there is an outdoor table and chairs to sit at if the weather is nice. If I happen to be in session, please feel free to text me to let me know that you are ready to come in.

About the Osho Leela Meditation Center:
Located in Boulder, Colorado at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the Osho Boulder Meditation Center offers daily meditations, therapy groups, and personal growth workshops aimed at creating the experience of Zorba and Buddha in each individual.

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