Depression and Fatigue

Photo of depressed man against sunset water backgroundDepression tends to express itself in many forms. Some people feel that they are stuck in an on-going state of despair, others in an on-going state of anger, and others in an on-going state of emotional numbness. What all of these have in common is that individuals with depression don’t have access to states of peace, true contentment and joy. Almost always, the symptoms of depression come with fatigue, because there is “stuck” energy in the body that one cannot access to feel more energized. Furthermore, because we in an inter-relational world, many of our symptoms can be caused by carrying other people’s burdens that are not our own.

To clear depression and fatigue, three things must happen:

  • The energy blocks in the tissues of the body must be cleared.
  • Energetic and situational boundaries must be established and maintained.
  • Healthy relationships and healthy lifestyles must be embraced.

Medication is useful as a temporary band-aid for particular situations, and some people, for various reasons, choose to stay on them. However, it does not treat the underlying cause.

Depression and Fatigue – Possible Symptoms:

  • A sense that you will never feel good again
  • A feeling of on-going bitterness
  • A feeling of on-going anxiety
  • A feeling of on-going grief or despair
  • A lack of energy to care for yourself or do things
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • An on-going need to “zone out” with addictions (food, television, sex, games, alcohol and drugs)
  • Self harm (such as self-cutting)
  • A dislike of self.

What conditions could cause depression and fatigue:

  • Early childhood abuse
  • A traumatic experience (including a traumatic loss)
  • Unhealthy relationships (personal and professional)
  • Poor emotional and situational boundaries
  • Unhealthy lifestyle conditions (food, exercise and environment)

Sunset photo of man on pier with arms outstretchedTreatment for Depression and Fatigue:

In our work together, I will teach you the skills for maintaining energetic and emotional boundaries and the energy work to clear the blocks that are holding your life force hostage.