About Jillian Frazin (also known as Jasmine)

Have you ever felt like you have missed years of your life in depression…..that you barely remember anything from your childhood?  I personally was like the walking dead….very numb….and needed A LOT OF DRAMA to feel that I was alive. After many years of traditional psychotherapy, my depression did not clear until I received regular energy healing, and learned to take responsibility for my energy field.  And, if this is a new concept for you, I’m glad that you have found Divine Life Activations.

Energetically, I was “giving away” my energy and joy, and I was taking on the pain of people I loved around me.   To clear my depression, I learned to create energetic boundaries, kick out energetic invasions, cut energy cords to people and dysfunctional situations, heal the parts of me that attracted unhealthy interpersonal dynamics, and cultivate the life force and pleasure in my body by using breath, movement and sound.  This process helped me to open up “shut down” areas of my body, have more access to “all of myself” and become more empowered and whole. I know that I can help you do the same things that I have done for myself and it is my job to take you there.


Jillian Frazin, LCSW has been a psychotherapist for 20 years and has been providing sessions and teachings (including restorative wave motion and sacred dance) for individuals, couples and groups. 

  • Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Loyola University
  • B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from University of Wisconsin-Madison Wisconsin
  • Jin Shin Do-Chinese Medicine with Justin Pomeroy-Life Gate Center
  • Post-graduate training in Shiatsu with Mari Richko, LPC
  • Certificate in Internal Family Systems from the Center for Self Leadership
  • Certificate in EMDR from the EMDR Institute and post-graduate training in Brain-spotting and Neuro-kinesiology.
  • Level II Certification in TRE™(tension/trauma release exercises) with Chris Balsley – Landenworks.
  • Extensive Post-graduate training in Mystery School studies, Energy Medicine and Spiritual Growth with Rosalyn Bruyere, Nikki Sachi, and Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi.
  • Extensive Post-graduate training with Emily Conrad in Continuum Movement and the Wellsprings Program.


“I have had profound non-verbal changes in myself, and gained much more inner strength from my work with Jillian.”
~ Karen B.

“I had major spinal surgery and severe chronic pain for over a decade. The day after my first session with Jillian I had absolutely no pain whatsoever in my body.” ~ Pat L.

“Wow, so I am still pretty amazed by the work we did the other day–it was strong and out of my usual experience to be sure–like a serious jolt that hung with me for days–! You have a remarkable power, to be sure, and I love how much it transcends my ‘familiar’.” ~Stephen W.

“Jillian leads one of the most centered and safe processes I have ever been involved in.  Her verbal explanations/teachings of embodiment connected with the fluid body motions, centered breath and resonant soundings has allowed me to shift out of my mind’s tendency to go into effort and struggle.  I am discovering that the critical mind chatter is not my true loving self and the discernment to lovingly accept that chatter when it arises but not allow it to rule my being. I can not stress enough the caring mentoring that Jillian brings to this work that makes me feel supported and included, how this transforms scary thoughts and feelings into joy in both emotions and dis-ease in my body. She combines the skills of a great therapist with a real connection to the higher realms of spiritual  growth and clarity!” ~ Pete L.

“The experience Jillian takes one through, can only be described as magical. Incredibly, I was guided through a telephone session into  a process of kundalini expansion within my third eye. Today, I felt a completely new sensation – that of experiencing Nirvana… within the 6th chakra.  My vision and inner knowingness, and my inner-connectivity will surely blossom with this work.  Jillian is a supremely gifted therapist, highly ethical, and a very devoted student to the Divine Supreme Light. It is with her supreme focus and  intention, that these highly individualized activations can occur.” ~ A. Elizabeth Gilliam, MSOM, DOM, L.Ac. Charlotte, NC

“My experience, if I can put such into words, was a comfortably safe and uplifting experience, not limited by time and space, a seemingly ancient sensation which took me back to my familiar root and grounding me, while filling my spirit with peace, joy and relaxation.  So very worthwhile.  That one hour removed the stress of my whole week.  Thank you Jill.” ~ C. Hill

“Hey Jillian – acknowledging the transmission last night!  Throughout the eve – I held my heart – even at times I tried to pull my hand away but magnetically it would return to “just the right spot”.  Driving home my heart felt so soft – I truly felt the transmission was entering into the sternum and my entire rib basket across my chest.  The feeling hasn’t left – it only deepens.  Thank you for doing what you do – being the vessel and trusting your own guidance.” ~ R. Ashlie

“I was searching for some gentle energy movement work that would compliment my spiritual path in the Diamond Logos. I’m so grateful I found Jill and the awakening energy she transmits. The issues I need to face arise for me to examine.  It’s sometimes scary and uncomfortable but I wanted to be more in my body and less in my head and that is what has happened for me. I also find that my essential experiences are more accessible and the shifts happen more quickly. The work I do with the Diamond Logos and with Jillian’s energy work frees me. It seems enlightenment can have a comfortably ordinary quality to it.  It just makes us more human. I highly recommend it.” ~ Susannah V

“Jillian (or Jasmine) is a beautiful sacred dancer, channel of the goddess, ceremonialist and therapist among many other talents. She is the kind of person that you can feel a divine spark being activated in yourself and your own energy field in relation to the goddess and her intoxicating kundalini energy. She also inspires the honey-like sweetness of the heart.” ~R. Claire


  • Please see my “Healing Packages” and call or e-mail me to set up a Free Consultation: 303-709-7101 / jillfrazin@gmail.com.