Couples Counseling

Two SwansIn the couple’s work,  I will help each of you to hold in your hearts what you want to feel in your relationships, and then work to aspire towards those goals. Ultimately, I believe that you can only change yourself, not the other person. You can learn to “show up” as the person you want to be in your relationship.  Most often, this approach brings in the qualities that your partner has been wanting from you, and you have been wanting from them.

My techniques will be body-centered and help you to create new patterns for how to deal with challenges as they come.  As trauma issues and sexual woundings arise, I will bring in my other psychotherapy techniques such as EMDR, brain-spotting techniques, IFS, and energy work. I will help you get back to a loving, nurturing relationship.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I understand how family systems and inter-relational dynamics work.  Deep down, everyone needs to feel loved, supported and accepted by their partner.  In my work, I help you to give that to yourself, and it actually manifests a shift in your partner to show up for you also.

“If you take care of your inner child first, then you will be able to show up for your partner and they will show up for you.”


Love Manifestation Exercise:

Red RoseTake 3 minutes right now, close your eyes and go into the felt sense of what it would be like to have everything resolved…..fully feeling the relief of having everything worked out so perfectly.  And, also imagine the relief of knowing, deep down, that your partner really really loves you.  And, also take a moment to feel how much, deep down, you really love them.


Now, you have just created the place that you will aspire towards in our work together, and have already begun the process.