Q&A: How to Activate the Life Force

What is it that you are activating?
I am activating the root energy center in the body and connecting it to the earth’s life force.  Other terms for the root energy center are root chakra, first chakra, and Kundalini.
Tell us more about the root chakra or Kundalini.
The kundalini or first chakra roots us to physical reality, life force and creation by energetically connecting us to the earth.  It not only roots us to physical reality, but it also allows us to sense and take in memory of our physical reality and experiences by sending information to the nervous system via our spinal chord.  When we don’t remember things, have been unconscious or in denial of our experience, our kundalini has been limited in it’s capacity to root to the earth.

Does activating the root energy heal you?
Because we are alive, we all have a “functioning” kundalini or root chakra.  But, for most of us, its fullest power has been suppressed.  We grew up steeped in the limited energetic patterns of our families and ancestors.  Thus, we’ve adopted many unconscious habits that have suppressed our first chakra/kundalini resulting in suppressed power, anger, vitality, and ability to experience libido, sexuality and intimacy.  Furthermore, much of this suppressed power gets re-directed into anxiousness, addictions and obsessive / compulsive thoughts and behavior. When we have kundalini openings or activations, we gain access to more energy, aliveness, and a wider variety of higher or faster frequencies within the root chakra.  This rush of energy at the base of the body then moves into and awakens all the energy centers above it, thus activating awareness throughout the entire body.  This clears the issues out of the tissues that have been blocking us from a more fulfilling life on all levels of existence.

Please note that much of my intellectual understanding and writing, word for word, is from my teacher Rosalyn Bruyere, from her book Wheels of Light.

Can this work clear trauma…..as well as sexual trauma?
Activating the kundalini works to clear out all forms of trauma that are held in the body.
The magnitude and intensity of the kundalini rising must match the same intensity and magnitude of the trauma in order to “de-program it” out of the body.  During the kundalini activation, when the the kundalini energy rises through the spine, the flow of electrons in the nervous system is increased and amplified so that our internal processes are accelerated and expanded.  Thus, we have access to thoughts, feelings and memories not accessible to us in our “normal” state of consciousness, and we can access our subconscious. And, as you gain access to your subconscious, which is carrying unprocessed traumas and invasions that you couldn’t push away at the time of the trauma, your nervous system can finally release its pent up charge and you can have a chance to “kick it out” as the energy finally begins to be processed.  Once it clears, the body re-calibrates and discovers new found innocence and empowerment.

Can this work help me with my lack of ability to feel sexual desire?
When kundalini is limited in function, the first thing that goes is sexual desire.  If there is no connection to the earth and self, there is no creative or procreative energy. Kundalini activations jump-start the libido.

Can this work help me to orgasm?
In order to orgasm, a person needs to clear the issues in the tissues that are blocking them from receiving the experience, and they need to be able to undulate the earth’s energy through their own body.  My work will help you to clear the issues out of the tissues, and my lessons for moving the earth’s energy will help to develop the right skills for orgasm.

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Will this work help me give birth to my baby?
The undulation of the kundalini is the force that pushes the baby out.  The more you have mastered the undulating movement of the kundalini energy, the smoother (and even more pleasurable) the birth experience you will have.  This allows for the baby to have a healthier “massage into life” rather than an abrupt and traumatizing experience coming into life.  Also, the more you have cleared the issues out of the tissues, the more physical mobility you will have, thus supporting a healthier and more pleasurable birth for both you and the baby.

Does this work clear karma, and thus affect our spiritual evolution?
The amount of energy in the kundalini determines weather we are going to have enough fuel in the system to be able to make it up through all the upper chakras so that experiences and lessons of karma can be processed and transmuted. Not only must there be enough energy, but one must be able to feel it through all the chakras without bypassing these energy centers for lessons to be taken in.  If the karmic lessons aren’t learned, patterns repeat and the changes we want, the dreams we have, and our soul’s purpose cannot be manifested.  Thus, the kundalini’s strength determines how quickly and effectively we can clear the issues out of the tissues and the karmic patterns that they represent.

What makes this a spiritual transmission or a blessing?
Because the activation of your life force connects you to each chakra (energy center) in your body, you can experience the fullest presence of yourself, of your own heart, and the divinity of your own being.

What do you do and how do you do it?
My gift is activating and deepening your connection to the earth’s life force by acting as a liaison, almost like a copper piece, between you and the earth.  Wherever I am, I connect to a geographical vortex on the earth in which I can feel a natural pull or vacuum effect from the earth.  Then I teach you how to stay connected to the earth and how to move the earth’s energy through your body.  Then, you can give yourself on-going clearings, healings, and delicious internal massages.

How many sessions are required for it to be effective?
We all come into this work at different stages of evolution.  Some people have done a lot of clearing and are very sensitive to the work, and they claim to feel everything that I am doing in their first experience.  Others are numb and it takes several sessions to start having any sensations at all during the process (but it is still doing it’s work on you…paving the way).  However, if one is closed to the experience or skeptical, your system will not allow you to be receptive to the energy work.  So, you can cut yourself off from the experience and my work would be ineffective. Overall,  clearing the issues out of the tissues is a lifestyle for becoming more and more present, aware, and conscious so that you can be a better and better at manifesting all the causes that matter to you. It is our avoidance of accumulated and current physical sensations and emotional feelings that limits the kundalini’s capacities.   Thus, for this work to be long lasting and effective, one needs to make moment to moment choices to connect to the earth and to feel physical and emotional sensations all the way up through the chakra system.  My activations and teachings support you to do this on an on-going basis. This work is my “lifestyle.” I aspire to eat and breath it in each moment.

What does it feel like?
It feels like you are getting an internal massage.  Because all of your issues are represented in your tissues, on a physical and emotional level, It can bring up wonderful feelings of relief and pleasure.  And, it brings up the physical and emotional pain that is blocking your joy and ease.

Do some people have painful or negative experiences in relation to kundalini openings?
Although I have not encountered this personally or in my work, it is my understanding that those who resist feeling and staying present with the physical sensations, as the kundalini is moving through their body, could experience difficulties (pain, heat, unconsciousness) caused by their own resistance.  However, the process itself, of staying present and feeling the sensations, may require feeling uncomfortable physical and emotional sensations as the energy integrates, transmutes and clears.

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