Embodying the Rapture of Heaven – 3 Meditations

1) Relief as a Segue to Pleasure:
Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely. Once you are completely relaxed, find the place in your body that is experiencing the most relief from being in this position. Savor the relief as a meditation. Focus so completely on the sensation of relief so that your whole body gets fed from the experience.

Relief is the segue to pleasure.  Stay in the relief until it becomes pleasure.  And, when you feel either one, stop time, stop moving and just breathe.  Your experience of it will expand.

2) On the Ocean’s Depths:
Do this meditation sitting with your eyes covered, and make your breath a little audible so it sounds as if you are scuba diving. Imagine that you are deep in the ocean with the sounds of the whole world muffled out, and all you are experiencing is the sound of your breath and your body’s movement of respiration in the water. And when it feels right, imagine that the water surrounding you is pulling out from your body and creating a suction effect that stimulates your inhalations.

The ocean is breathing you into peace.

3) On Sensuality:
As a meditation, feel the sweetness of your heart, and at the same time, feel your lips and your tongue.  And, imagine that your tongue is an extension of your heart and that your lips are swelling, expanding and dripping with drops of honey from your tongue and heart.

Let your words, lips and your tongue experience and express the nectar of your heart.