Feeling Desirable Meditation:
You will need a timer (I use my ipod for this).

1)  Find a very comfortable position to be in; whatever position that feels really good, and then relax completely.

2)  Time this part for 5 -10 minutes:  Think of a memory or a made up story of when you have felt completely desirable and experienced a lover wanting you and taking you into their enthusiastic and passionate embrace and/or kissing and lovemaking.  It should be a thought that doesn’t bring up any complicated feelings.  Feel the effects that that fantasy is having on your body.  Look for every single effect.  You may notice these things: Changes in your breath, your creating of wetness, heat in your lower abdomen, swelling of the lips on your face, and swelling of your feet.

3)  Time this part for 5 -10 minutes:  Now, drop thinking about the fantasy.  Just use your mind to continue feeling and tracking the sensations in your body that you just ignited.  Your concentration on these sensations will amplify them.  Emotionally, keep the feeling of being desirable, but without thinking about the story.  Feel the elated emotions while you are focusing on your body’s sensations.

Now, you have chosen to create the experience of being worthy of desire and have put it in the ethers for manifestation.  The more you do this meditation, the more you are creating this reality.