Photo of white lilySit or lay down in meditation.  Feel your longing for love from other.  Then, imagine this “other” as your higher self, and its presence is right there with you. Merge with this energy by expressing your longing for it by subtley nuzzling into it with your eyes, nose and lips.   Fully express your heart’s longing.  And, fully feel the fulfillment of this mergence. While in the longing, the fulfillment exists.  The sensation is highly erotic, and is the juice of creation.

Longing propells the universe.  It creates a suctioning, a vaccum effect, that invites in its fullfillment and mergence with other (which is also you as your higher self).   This creates the taurus shape (suction and penetration) that is ultimately the energetic map of creation.  And, this movement between longing and fulfillment creates a golden liquid of eros: the erotic juice of creation.