Blessings of Jasmine

My services are broken into three main categories; Personal Sessions, and 2 programs –Aphrodite’s Temple, and The Serpentine Breath

I wanted my offerings to be extremely accessible. Thus, my services are offered in person, on the phone, live group settings, as well as online programs.

Call or email for a consultation! 

Personal Sessions
Aphrodite’s Temple
The Serpentine Breath

Self-Help Healing Tools

(Available for individual purchase)

Below is a special Self-Help Healing Toolkit that I have developed to help you find inner peace and relaxation.

Contact me to purchase any or all of these divine blessings! 

  • “Melting into the Earth” audio meditation (for clearing anxiety): $22 
  • “Erotic Surrender” audio meditation (for growing pleasure in the body):  $22
  • “Embodiment Meditations and Warm Wisdom for Daily Living” audio meditation: $22
  • Sacred Healing Water: This sacred healing water is infused with rose oil and powerful frequencies serving to bring you into divine alignment, clear negative karmic patterns, bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit, and provide protection from discord. Suggested Use: Anoint the 3rd Eye and Heart. And, Spray the energy field of your body. Contact Jillian today for pricing!

The Body is a Temple that Holds your own Divinity

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