Once upon a time, there was a woman who was invited to visit with the Queen in her palace. From a place of deep love, and as a gift for her presence, the queen handed her a golden chalice that contained the elixir of life. The queen said, “Use it wisely.” Not knowing what to do with it or how to use it, the woman, in a deep panic, gave half of it to her lover who greedily drank it down. Then, she buried the other half in the basement for fear of it being found.

She never did benefit from the precious offering from the queen.

Like most people, she gave half of it to a greedy or even “vampiric” love object, who only stayed as long as there was enough elixir to drink. The other half still sits buried in the basement, because by hiding her light and her power, she attempted to avoid displeasing or rather more accurately threatening those around her.

We are all born with the gift of the golden chalice containing the elixir of life. The elixir of life is “aliveness.” It is a combination of life force and sexual energy that can be used to restore and rejuvenate every cell in your body. It will connect you to deep self love, joy and pleasure, and provides the power to manifest the dreams in your heart. And, your life force and sexual energy connects you to the god presence within.

What have you decided to do with your Elixir of Life, i.e. with your life force and sexual energy?

How is it that we give it to our love objects? Because, we mistakenly believe that they are the cause of our aliveness, when the truth is, we have always had the wellspring of aliveness within ourselves. And, we have always had the ability to “conjur” the wellspring of aliveness within ourselves. Our thoughts and emotions can create it whenever we want to feel this energy. If, of course, we know how.

And, how is it that we bury the rest in the basement? Because our culture, including our families, have shamed us from generation to generation for being too alive and threatening others. Our bodies, and the sexuality that comes with them, wasn’t always considered bad or shameful. When did aliveness become a shameful thing?

How to not give your Elixir of Life away:

  • Recognize that you are the cause and source of your own arousal – This prevents you from becoming dependent on a love object to feel aroused and alive. As you become aware of what has been conditioned for you around arousal through your childhood woundings and cultural influences, you start to have more choice in what, how, and when you feel arousal.

How to not bury your Elixir of Life in the basement:

  • Stay connected to a pleasurable and joyful emotion of self appreciation and adoration -You can develop sweet feelings about yourself through positive self-attitudes and self talk.
  • Stay connected to places of physical pleasure in your body – Bring your mind’s eye to a place in your pelvis, your feet, or elsewhere, that is naturally tingling with sensations of pleasure.
  • Learn to love your physical pleasure, because you love yourself – Understand that pleasure leads to self love which leads you to a connection to the god presence within. This is your greatest empowerment and is the ultimate use of the elixir of life.