What constitutes a sexual invasion? Certainly when someone is sexually assaulted or raped that constitutes an invasion.  But are there times when someone has violated you indirectly that can have just as powerful an impact?

Yes, you can be violated even if no one has even touched you.

Here are some examples:

  • A creepy look
  • A creepy tone of voice
  • A creepy feeling when you are with someone
  • An inappropriate text message
  • The use of social media to degrade you

Please note, that when you grow up with sexual invasions, it can have these possible effects:

  • that you don’t identify inappropriate behavior in others (and sometimes in yourself as well)
  • or that when you are in a objectively healthy scenario, you can interpret it as dangerous.
  • or you get really good at identifying inappropriate behavior.

About Sexual Invasion:

Pushing the Invasion Out!

Pushing the Invasion Out!

When a person has been mistreated emotionally, inappropriately touched or attacked, there is an “invasion” to one’s love, innocence, inner child, the physical body and its energy field. The body and its energy field need to and must throw, kick off, shake off and push out these threats and invasions.  If this doesn’t happen at the time of the occurrence, the body and it’s energy field literally just “wait” to have the opportunity to finally kick it off, even if it is 30 years later.

Lion Carrying cub

Re-claiming your inner baby cub

The good new is that you can throw it off, even if it is 30 years later. The perpetrator or threat does not need to be there for you to clear the invasion. How does this happen? We awaken the inner lion or lioness to throw off the “slime” that got into your body and energy field.  When this happens, suddenly your body re-calibrates and your inner child finds its safety and innocence again. Like a baby cub that was successfully protected by its mother lion the whole time, you can come to a place of absolute renewal.